Painting of Mormon Pioneers at Church History Museum

Church History Museum

Explore their stories. Enrich your life.

This is the place to discover the stories of the people who helped establish The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Free Interactive exhibitions and fun programs make this, one of the best museums in Salt Lake City, a must-see destination. While you’re here check out:

The Heavens Are Opened

The life and work of Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. and others during the period of 1820-1846. Over 200 artifacts on display, 240 degree “First Vision” theater, 23 interactive media components.

Presidents of the Church

Most memorable possessions, teachings and accomplishments of former Presidents of the Church.

I’ll Walk Where Jesus Walked: An Art Space for Children

This interactive exhibition celebrates the life of the Savior through art, videos, and activity stations your kids will love.

Saints at Devil’s Gate: Landscapes Along the Mormon Trail

Three contemporary artists, Josh Clare, Bryan Mark Taylor, and John Burton are featured in this exhibit. They traveled the historic Mormon Trail and painted many of the places where the pioneers walked. The exhibit is organized geographically to create an experience for the viewer that mirrors the westward journey. Informative labels contain journal entries to capture the sentiments and spirit of the original pioneers (see the artworks here).

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