10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding — Week 10

Wow…The wedding is pretty much here! Wooooooo!!

We actually get married in one week from today, but this will be our last post because we won’t be posting the day we get married (we’ll be a little busy). However, I’m having a co-worker post everything from the wedding day as soon as we get the pics and video, so definitely stay tuned for that. We can’t wait to show you how everything turns out – whether it’s all perfect or if some things fall through – we’re showing it all! In fact, our videographer, Nathan Picket, is going to be with us the ENTIRE day filming everything from morning preparations to the very end of the reception. So that will be fun to see how the whole wedding day plays out!

Below you’ll find some gems I’ve recently discovered, such as color trends and a cool 3 box organization system. And of course,  you’ll also find our video of the week, bullet point list of everything we’ve done and our vendor list. If you want to know anything else, we’re happy to tell. As for now, wish us luck on our new adventure!

Color Trends for Spring 2014

If you are a trendy person, check out the trending colors for the upcoming Spring season from Pantone. This is a great source to see what they predict will be the most popular colors in the world of fashion – kind of fun to see and get a head start on these colors before anyone else grabs hold.

3 Box Organization System (Maybe 4 box)

3 boxes for organizing events

This 3 box system is working really well for us so I figured I’d share. We have 3 boxes – one box for wedding morning preparations (things we’ll need for the sealing/ceremony such as Michael’s ring, all of my jewelry, anything for pictures, etc…), one box for reception things (decor, signs, pictures, etc…), and one box for honeymoon packing (I’m packing everything because I’m moving into Michael’s home so this box is nice to keep all my honeymoon packing in one place before I put it in my suitcase). Michael just suggested we make a 4th box for the wedding dinner. We’ll need to bring a few things to that as well so it’s a good idea.

So far this box system is nice because we’ll have everything in it’s respective box ready for the proper event – this way we won’t have to dig through everything in one location to find what we need for that specific event. Here’s hoping it really works as well as I’m visualizing.

Reality and Stress

Michael and I living the ritzy lifeMany people have told us we don’t seem too stressed about planning our wedding in the small time frame of only 10 weeks, and they’ve wondered if that is true or if that is just our portrayal on the blog. Well, here is the truth: we’re both pretty chill people so that helps us IMMENSELY right off the bat, but don’t discount the fact that we’ve definitely had our moments.

There is no doubt trying to figure everything out for a wedding can be overwhelming and at times a little frustrating. When things don’t work out in the proper time frame or they don’t turn out as perfect as you hoped, it can be a let down. BUT like I’ve said in so many words in past blogs: most of these things don’t even matter because the most important thing is going to happen (the marriage ceremony) and that is what makes us happy.

This little tid-bit of golden realization has been a lifesaver. Many friends and family have brought this to our attention several times. I can’t tell you what a relief it is when you think of it in this way. Any inkling of stress seems to become minimized – you come to realize this is going to be the best day ever no matter what! When you really start to believe this and implement it, you can literally start to feel some of the burdens lift off your shoulders. It’s an amazing feeling. But don’t get me wrong – all of the decorations and the thrills and frills are a wonderful part of your exciting celebrations. A huge help though is realizing that we WILL have enough time to get the MOST important things done. Backup and realize what I just said – we will have time to do the MOST IMPORTANT things. Make it a priority to sit down and list the things that are a must at your wedding. Really think about this. Sometimes we can get caught up thinking we NEED everything we’ve ever dreamed of, but don’t kill yourself trying to make this happen – it isn’t worth it. If you have the time and resources to do everything, then great! But if not, which is probably includes the majority of us, try to stay open to new ideas and/or alternatives. Work on those things that you really feel are necessary and then everything else can just be icing on the cake if you have time for them.

I’ve also mentioned before how important it is to just have fun and forget planning the wedding every once in a while. For some people this might make them more stressed, just because their personalities are more the type of needing to have it all figured out as soon as possible, but I would honestly encourage everyone to just stop, every so often. Michael reminds me of this a lot and I’m sooooo grateful!

 Realistic Expectations

I’m just going to lay it out there – no one is perfect. Shocker, I know. Michael and I have an amazing relationship, but we both have our flaws and we both have our strengths and talents. It’s good to remember this and to be patient with each other and look for the good in each other. I had a friend once tell me, “When dating, keep both of your eyes wide open. When your married, keep both of your eyes half shut” – meaning, when looking for a companion look at EVERYTHING, the good and bad and figure out if you can really live with and want to be with this person forever, flaws and all. As my grandpa always says, “You’ll never find a perfect man, but find one with faults you can live with.” The second part of my friend’s comment means that when you do find your spouse, stop looking for their flaws – try to keep your eyes “half shut” so to say and realize you have your own short comings as well. OK, now granted, Michael and I have never been married so I’m sure this is much easier said than done, but I love all of this advice and I want to try to incorporate it into our relationship. As one of our ecclesiastical leaders said, “as long as you have the mentality to keep trying, that is what really matters”.

WEEK 10 – Everything We Accomplished This Week:

  • Second wedding dress fitting! It fits perfectly! I pick it up on Saturday!
  • Got adhesive fashion tape to keep my dress in the right places.
  • Hair cut and styling discussion with my lovely hair dresser, Lynette,  from Artistic Hair. Going with some curls and a fun pin-up on one side.
  • 4 boxes – 1 for wedding dinner materials, 1 for wedding day preparations (things I’ll need for the ceremony and morning of), 1 box for the reception things (decor, signs, etc…), 1 box for honeymoon packing.
  • Found Michael’s tux!! Woo just in the nick-of-time! They need a good week to do the adjustments so we barely have enough time!
  • Moving – I’ve moved most of my things to the house now. It’s just mostly the bigger items and my every day things I need to move next week.
  • Painting frames and making signs – we bought a ton of frames at the Deseret Industries at a super cheap price. We just cleaned them up and painted them. These will hold most of our pictures at the reception and our quotes. We bought 10 4×6 frames and 3 larger frames of varying sizes and coloring books for the children’s play room all for just $25!

Running list of vendors and things Jessica & Michael are using for their wedding:

(these vendors are personal preferences, not necessarily endorsed by Temple Square Hospitality)


Helpful Websites We’ve Used





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  1. Raquel says

    Jess you´re so cute! I´ve been enjoying following your wedding planning, it reminds me of my own adventures. I´m so excited for you and I wish I could have been there to share this special day! I know everyone says this but married life is just the best, even when it´s the worst =) Love you and wish you all the happiness in the world!

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